FRENCH LINEN- Our signature collection of luxurious bedding

French Double Ruffle White Linen Bed Set

Linen has earned the reputation as being a luxurious fabric, and for good reason
One of the most important factors when it comes to choosing bedding is fabric quality. It should be soft,breathable, hypoallergenic, durable,environmentally friendly and of course utterly beautiful!
Along with looking and feeling effortlessly luxurious, flax linen fabric has certain properties that make it the perfect choice for your bedding.There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling too hot or cold under the covers and French bed linen gets the balance just right with its unique insulation properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm during winter.

The reason why we love French linen.

French Double Ruffle White Linen Duvet Rose and Foxgloves
French linen is naturally hypoallergenic
French flax linen is strong and durable
French flax linen is sustainably sourced
French flax linen is temperature regulated
French flax linen is super soft
French flax linen is easy to care for and will last for many many years.

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