Interior Design Room Scheme Service


Need help? well, why not purchase our room scheme service. I would be more than happy to assist you with bringing a room scheme together with our designs.

I thought I would offer two different services.

  • Interior Design One, includes bringing a room scheme together with samples, photographs via social media transfer and sending them out via Royal Mail. I would need a starting point from you regarding a design or paint colour you wish to work around. Up to a maximum of 5 samples, with a couple of trims.
  • Interior Design Two, this service offers a 30-minute video chat via Instagram, so I can get a good idea of what you need for your room. In this chat, we will talk about the size of the room, including, light, windows, and what you want to achieve with this room. Once our chat is over I will design a room around your brief, putting samples together, photographs, and videos via social media and sending these to you through the post.A maximum of one hour in total is spent, if it does take longer, eg: lots of changes to the designs then this would have to be billed separately, but usually a full hour, 30 minutes for a video chat, and 30 minutes designing is adequate for most simple designs.
  • If this is something you feel would benefit you then I would love to hear more, just purchase whichever service you need.
  • Please note some larger pieces of fabric may need to be printed before the design scheme is sent out so this can take 2 weeks if they are out of stock.
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