Interested in a Trade Account?

Interested in a Trade Account?

Trade prices are as follows for anyone interested, fabrics only.. A discount of 20% can be made on 10 or more meters of our Printed Linens. Tumbled Linen can be discounted by 10% over 10 meters and 20% over 20 meters. Larger orders can be discussed. Trade accounts will be evaluated every 12 months. We expect you to order a min of 4, 10 meter orders, or you may have your trade account revoked.

Discount codes will be issued on successful trade applications I will need proof of your business, and your email address to allow you access to our discounts, so let me know a bit about what you do, I’m happy to work with you.
Payment would have to be made before your order is sent to the printers and you must agree to my terms.

Delivery is approx 2-3 weeks.

  • Min Order 10 Meters
  • A trade box must be purchased for us to open your account and issue our discounts, please see our terms.
  • Discounts only apply to Fabrics by the Meter
  • Orders are accepted once payment is made, and I have the right to cancel any order at any time.
  • Delivery is approximately 2 weeks from me sending your order to the Printers but can be sooner if we are holding stock of your Fabric.
  • Fabrics are sent folded and not on the roll. If you wish to have your order on a roll there is an extra charge, plus extra shipping as costs are much higher.
  • Designs are Copyright of Rose & Foxgloves and must not be reproduced under any circumstance.
    All Fabric resells will be subject to our RRP and must not be sold undersold.
    By creating a trade account you agree to these terms. Any accounts found to be underselling will be removed from our suppliers.
  • Once you have an account open, if you need a larger sample for your client just get in touch. Larger samples for trade can be bought in full meters and refunded on return, less postage costs.

30 Day business terms

Will become available once an established relationship has been made for 12 months with minimum order quantity placed.

Trade Boxes

Boxes can be purchased at a cost of £55 each plus postage once your account has been approved

Accounts are only available in the UK.

Trade accounts with rose and foxglove fabrics


Download our Trade Application form today.

Eidelwiss Trade Account for Curtain makers