Fire & Safety Regulations- Explained

Fire & safety regulations- Upholstery Fabrics

Fabrics used to make the following products are not required to meet any fire standards, so do not need to have and fire rating,
Bed Clothing [Duvets and Pillowcases]

I thought I had better write a little about the fire and safety regulations, as this was something I wasn’t aware of when starting out my business. As I’m selling Natural Linen and Cotton Fabrics which have no flame retardants I need to let you know a little more. So to begin, the Fire regulations state that any fabrics used for any upholstery have to be flame retardant, so this is something that your upholsterer will do for you to ensure the fabrics are safe and adhere to all safety regulations. If you are going to do your own upholstery on your items, I suggest you look on the market for the correct products to apply to coat your new fabrics to meet with regulations or speak to a professional upholsterer who will advise you. I understand you can either soak the fabrics in a fire retardant chemical or have it back coated with a fire retardant.
Outside the UK you should check national regulations, as these will possibly be different to the UK and will need to be adhered to.